Our project consists of 3 main parts:

Low-level automatic control system (ACS)
ACS is a microcontroller-based software hardware unit. ACS performs low-level stabilization and control of basic behavior of a UVTOL. Hardware part of the ACS is universal for many types of UAVs, including UVTOLs. Software part is designed to accommodate various types of UVTOLs.

Autonomous navigation and mission planning system
Autonomous navigation and mission planning system is a piece of software that allows to define missions – high-level tasks, specific for UVTOLs, and optimize such tasks by endurance, range, or hover time near points of interest.

Demonstrator-UVTOL is a full-capability UVTOL that uses the ACS and the navigation system. The demonstrator that is being developed is a tilt-rotor, which has four rotors with independent thrust vectoring, and does not use traditional airplane control surfaces (elevator, aileron, etc.)


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