​In the world of digital technologies human body remains the most important not-digitized thing existing now. People start to understand that they can significantly benefit from digitizing: wearable devices used to track different parameters just prove that. But what about the human body itself? In our company we believe that the next step is coming: digitizing the human body, creating it's precise 3D model can offer tremendous benefits to people. Starting from ordering clothes that optimally fit and that even can be tailored using the 3D model and continuing with various fitness and medical applications. We are developing a Facebook for human body 3D models and 3D scanners to create those 3D models. Only for scanners the market is growing more than 1000% this year and will be about $100 000 000 in 2015 reaching billion dollars in the next 1-2 years. The market for usage of 3D models is yet to be created. Join us in our effort to make the next significant step in the process of human body digitizing.




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  • November 21 - won Skoltech Entrepreneurial Challenge competition
  • October - became Skolkovo IT Cluster residents
  • February 12 - joined Skoltech Projects

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