According to the study done in the New York by the research from MIT in collaboration with Italian National Research Council’s Institute for Informatics and Telematics, the taxi ride-sharing can reduce pollution by 30% while also reducing fleet operation cost by 30% and decreasing the number of taxis by 40%. Sharxi realized the taxi sharing system in Moscow, and we strive to scale our solution to serve the global needs. Our solution utilizes system optimization algorithm developed by Borys Urman to find suitable co-riders whenever someone needs a taxi, and then plot the optimal route. Our preliminary tests show that we can cover entire Moscow area with twice less taxis than a traditional taxi company.
Early on we have realized that there is a certain psychological barrier to sharing rides with someone you just met. Therefore, we have started testing our score board of green bonuses to encourage passengers to go for ride sharing. It will soon be implemented to aid our efforts to innovate the Moscow transportation system. The first version of Sharxi is online at http://sharxi.ru/, and everybody can now order a cab from any of the Moscow airports for a discounted fare if the systems finds a co-rider (otherwise the standard fare is applied).
Moscow suffers from severe air pollution and traffic congestion. We sincerely hope to remedy the situation. We are currently looking for the partners to help us market at airports, tourist agencies, and booking websites. We are also looking for developers to help us improve our product, and visionaries to aid us in the marketing efforts. If you’d like to taste what start-up life is and find your passion, Sharxi is the place for you!


Uber, Lyft, Yandex Taxi


  • Partners for promotion in tourist agencies
  • Partners for promotion at airports
  • Partners for promotion on flight booking websites
  • Developers
  • Passionate young professionals for marketing


  • June 8 - launched campaign "Sharxi is always with you". You can now have cheap rides even if you can't find somebody to share your ride with.
  • May 18 - Launched Sharxi Android app May 10 - launched Sharxi from the airports in Moscow
  • January 16 - joined Skoltech Projects

May the force be with you