Meet Lexy - an intelligent assistant and a nice companion. It understands your speech at a glance, performs commands and thus makes your life more comfortable. 

You can ask Lexy to

  • tell the latest news
  • check the weather forecast
  • see the exchange rate
  • describe historical facts
  • cheer you up

Lexy is a device for the whole family. It provides voice access to the information on the Internet, controls smart home appliances and entertains its owners.

Join us at vk.com/lexybot


All the articles about Lexy are in Russian for now:



  1. Partnerships  with companies specializing in cognitive and smart home technologies
  2. Investments
  3. PR support


  • 2015, May - start of a crowdfunding campaign
  • 2015, June - first 100 devices are produced

May the force be with you