We are a small team of accomplished CAD designers in Moscow. Designing and building new products/equipment/machines is our passion. If you have seen Winter Olympic games in Sochi, you most probably saw the product we proud most of all Olympic torch, which was designed and built with our active participation.

Having a small team enables fast design process and decision making and also ability to work in different areas (medical devices, robots, consumer products, military equipment). Contact us with a sketch on a napkin and get nice renderings, blueprints and 3d model in 48 hours. Or contact us with a detailed project and receive high quality model and technical papers for manufacturing.

We suggest services in:

  • Design Engineering
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Engineering Calculations and Analysis (Mechanical, Thermal and Hydrodynamics)
  • Managing Technical Documentation (also To/From GOST standard conversion)
  • Launching and Production Support
  • Industrial Design
  • Consulting



  • 2015, January 16 - joined Skoltech Projects

May the force be with you