Want to learn foreign language, but have no time for self-studies? We believe that regular practice is the key! easy ten gives you 10 new words to learn every day. It’s that simple!

10 new words a day is 70 new words a week, 300 new words a month, 3650 new words a year. While native speaker use only 3000 of them in his everyday life.
20 minutes a day is all it takes to succeed with easy ten.

Learn Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German & Russian.

  • any starting level
  • up to 20 new words a day
  • frequency vocabulary of 10 000 most commonly used words
  • all words are voiced
  • twitter examples for all words
  • smart notifications.
  • storing your progress in Calendar
  • total personalization
  • pronunciation training
  • cool tests
  • achievements

You’ll love to study with easy ten!



  1. native speakers (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German) for proofreading the application UI
  2. linguists for the development of new memorization techniques


  • January 7 -  international market entry
  • initial application release
  • start of development

May the force be with you